Stefania De Cara
Holistic Massage Therapy


What is Holistic Massage?

Holistic massage is a unique treatment which the therapist tailors for each client's specific needs - physically, emotionally and spiritually. It begins with a consultation, where the therapist will seek to gain an understanding of you - your feelings, what you are looking to get from your treatment, and any possible physical or emotional considerations. Everything discussed between you and the therapist remains strictly confidential, and is used to build a tailored treatment plan that you both agree to before beginning. The consultation is only required on the first session and takes approximately 10 minutes. If you wish to minimise this and allow more time for your massage, you can fill out and send the consultation form prior to the treatment day. 

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What to expect

Holistic massage generally takes place with the client lying on the couch wearing only their underwear and covered by towels, in a warm comfortable room intended for relaxation. The therapist will leave the room until the client is settled and ready, unless assistance getting onto the couch is required. The therapist makes sure to maintain the client's modesty throughout the treatment by uncovering only the part of the body being worked on. To encourage your body and mind to relax, during the treatment the therapist will not talk to you, however she will occasionally check that your are comfortable, warm and that you are happy with the pressure being used. Calming music will be played during the session. At the end of the treatment the therapist will leave the room allowing the client to dress. 

Massage Aftercare:

To get the most out of massage treatment it is advised to:

  • avoid drinking alcohol and smoking - both increase levels of toxins in the body, one purpose of massage being to lower these levels through detox
  • drink lots of water - this helps to drain and flush the toxins from your body and to reduce any contra-actions
  • Rest and relax as much as possible and take a warm bath
  • avoid heavy meals

Contra-Actions - The Healing Crisis

After your treatment, you may experience some side effects. This is absolute normal. They should only be mild and last no more than 24 hours; once they have passed your overall sense of well being will be much improved.

Possible side effects include:

  • Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Thirst
  • Nausea
  • Over active bowels
  • Over active bladder